The main reason that I write this article because I just want to distribute my notes to people who are sitting for FRACP clinical exam. This book mainly gives you the tips and summarise the detail of each topic for short cases and long cases. I myself have come from overseas, and English is not my native language. I passed FRACP clinical exam on my 2nd attempt. Therefore, I felt the pain when I did not get through the first time clinical exam, the feeling of incompetent, failure, mayb great gatsby american dream essay prompte I was not good enough.

From my personal experience, when I passed the written exam, I thought the hard work was done, and clinical exam should be easier, I thought I got enough experience in Medicine and should have got through it easily. However, it was actually opposite. Clinical exam was harder. It depends on many factors. It is not only you that have to be great, but also it depends on
1) the cases you get on the exam day,
2) how much you know about specific diseases,
3) how cooperative are the patients,
4) how much the examining patients can tell all the details,
5) how systematic the story could be told,
6) how much they are willing to help you, 6) and finally, it also depends on the examiners, e.g. whether your score depends on the topics they want to focus you on. Finally, your luck also helps sometimes ☺

For someone like me whose English is not the mother tongue – the clinical exam is actually twice as hard! I needed more time to prepare, to process my thoughts, and to practice. As you all know – practices make one perfect! This is absolutely correct in the FRACP clinical exam.

This article, I will mainly share with you all the tips, and how to present the long cases and the short cases and a guide on how to pass the exam. I passed the exam not because I was great, but because I really studied hard, practiced cases as often as I could. Therefore, what you can all do is working hard and trying your best and ultimately it depends on the big day.

Some people are naturally good presenters and some are not so skilled in presentation, but this does not mean one is better than another. Therefore, those who fail are not necessarily incompetent physicians. However, this is the only way to determine that who can get into advanced training following year. I know it may seem unfair that our lives depend on only one big day, I have been asking this to myself for 18 months before the exam day. But I remind myself that not everything is fair in the world, no matter where we work, where we are, sometimes life can be tough but we have to be tougher than life. So, I was determined to pass this exam.

Few people do this multiple times, therefore, my point is if you really want to be a physician, do not give up! It is not easy having to do medical registrar job one more year, but think in a positive way – one more year of extra hard work will make you become a better physician – a more experienced & a more confident physician. One more year of experience will help you to get through the clinical exam the following year.

The content of this article is mainly summarised from Queensland lectures and Tally clinical exam book. I hope that this article will help you to organize your thoughts, motivate you and help you to more or less prepare for your clinical exam.

Some people are very good with presentation skills and usually get scores 5-7, especially those whose English is their native language, and I am not surprised, they are able to employ sophisticated medical terms and present in impressive sentences and appear very confident. I myself cannot do that, this could be true to you as well. But my tips are – be yourself, talk clearly, make sure examiners understand you, do not focus on sophisticated medical term, be confident, show the examiners that you know what you are talking about, don’t aim for 7, aim for 5-6, and try your best shot in every case, and fight for every point!

Most of the notes I have written are based from Talley clinical exam hand book and Queensland clinical exam, some from other websites. However, please do not quote me 100%, if you feel something is not right, please double check. Also these notes helped me pass the exam in 2014 but are not the only resource for the candidate as each person is different. I take no responsibility for the mistakes or miscommunication / misinterpretation made by the candidate due to unforseen circumstances.

Finally, I would like to thank my wife and my son and daughter, who have been very supportive and sacrificed a lot, while I went through the exams and now writing this article to share with the upcoming examinees.

If you have any question or would like to contact me, feel free to email me on this email:

Good Luck! And May the force be with you ☺

Montri GURURATSAKUL (2015)

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